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Activation wise is a business niche player that focuses on result-driven clients with specific goals, motivations and expectations.

The expertise and imagination of our brand activators network makes brands unforgettable.

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Brand activators network focuses on innovative and creative brands
  • Due to the enormous scope of our brand activators network, we can take action faster and eliminate some intermediate links. This allows us to offer an interesting price-quality ratio.
  • Our network is not slowed down by any supplier. As a result, we enjoy a creative freedom that is not often found. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to offer the best of the best results.
  • Activation wise is a partnership without complicated structures.
    Continuous research and development efforts have been made for many years. These efforts are underpinned by a strong anchorage in neighboring countries.
  • An indispensable network of partners for material processing, assembly and testing. AND… we are not starters. Some of us have been entrepreneurs for over 20 years.
Unique and executable concepts

CLUSTER #worldwide



In recent years, a clear cluster has grown within our brand activators network.
In particular “3D visual communication”.

We were always the first to introduce newcomers
testing their unique proposition and commercialized their technology. Read more about mobile brand activation


Als kennis centrum van deze cluster zien we nu al een enorme impact van 3D technologie.
We zijn ervan overtuigd dat activation wise waarschijnlijk het meest uitgebreide aanbod
heeft dat er op onze markt te krijgen is.
Intussen beginnen zich ook andere clusters te ontwikkelen.


Brand activators Opportunities

  • ROI: You are active in a B2B or B2C market? Are you looking for proven solutions with a high ROI?
  • MEASURABLE: Do you measure the success of your brand activation with measurable KPIs such as impressions,  engagement, dwell time and retention?
  • SPEED: Are you convinced that experiential marketing is the fastest way to move customers from awareness to purchase. Read more about marketing innovation.
  • INNOVATION: You see the value of technology that is “new”? This means technology that is early in the enterprise adoption cycle  (i.e., in the innovator or early adopter phase).
  • MEASURABLE: You like to rely on a partner who closely follows new trends in marketing technology? This technology is more than a “must have”. By this we mean that the technology influences the way managers set-up, execute and monitor campaigns.

Our customers choose brand activators network for:

Marketing innovation brand activators network

Open innovation

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Gone are the days when the goal of marketing was simply to promote the brand's message. Today, innovative companies are recognizing the value of involving marketers in every aspect of the customer experience, from start to finish. By giving marketing a voice in choosing and using the technology to build customer experiences and enabling them to iterate and improve the CX, you can positively impact customer experiences.

Focus on...

  • Increase visibility.
  • Increasing awareness.
  • Build trust and relationship with the customer.
  • Clarify and strengthen the USP (Unique selling proposition).
  • Stimulating spontaneous consumer involvement.