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Increase your daily turnover!

Smartphones serve as a bridge between the virtual and physical realms, offering substantial benefits for your brand.

Implementing mobile brand activation can significantly boost daily sales for a range of businesses, including QSRs, coffee shops, street food vendors, Shape’n Go outlets, as well as telecom and other stores situated on shopping streets.

To achieve this, we install smartphone brand activation displays in high-traffic areas, equipped with interactive applications that engage passersby in playful ways. The rest is taken care of by the magic of this approach.

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Mobile brand activation services create more interaction with your customer.
  • Leveraging mobile devices for brand activation is an incredibly effective strategy, particularly for time-sensitive promotions, which is commonly referred to as mobile brand activation.

  • In today’s world, a large portion of consumers carry smartphones or other mobile devices, enabling them to remain continuously connected to the world around them.

  • Brands can effectively capitalize on this opportunity, provided they adhere to certain guidelines and best practices.

Smartphone brand activation

  • Establishing a platform for user-brand interaction is an effective means of obtaining valuable insights. It also facilitates the collection of data regarding customer preferences and purchasing behavior. Our prior campaigns have demonstrated that up to 96% of smartphone users are willing to participate when invited.

  • Numerous companies are already experimenting with mobile technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience and attract potential customers to their stores. Our proficiency in this domain places us in an advantageous position.

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  • Mobile usage continues to surge, and there is an abundance of channels and platforms available that offer elevated levels of engagement.
  • Consequently, it's possible to reach target audiences worldwide at any given time.
  • By utilizing mobile marketing methods, your business can tailor its approach to reach specific market segments in a personalized manner.
  • If you're confident in our capabilities, opt for our distinctive services. mobile brand activation!

Why Mobile Brand activation with us?

  • An organization well-versed in privacy concerns and GDPR is adept at handling them.
  • While mobile marketing is swift and impactful, we steer clear of errors that could result in swift repercussions.
  • As possessing and utilizing a smartphone is a personal affair, certain mobile marketing methods may be deemed intrusive. Consequently, our activation solutions prioritize privacy.
  • Our emphasis is on generating contagious positive experiences through our activation efforts.
  • Our primary clientele consists of firms that prioritize a future-proof marketing approach.

Focus on smartphone

  • Boost your presence to increase visibility.
  • heighten awareness, and foster trust and rapport with consumers.
  • Clarify and reinforce your unique selling proposition (USP) while simultaneously inspiring spontaneous consumer participation.

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