Marketing innovation services

No marketing without innovation

In marketing innovation, we always ask ourselves, is there a better, more meaningful way to differentiate your brand and create value?

It’s about smart innovation. Charting a new path to success.

Finding a radical new approach is sometimes the only thing that works.

Tell us what drives you

  1. Activation-wise continuously scans through various networks and channels for innovative technology that has already proven itself in its home market. In other words, technology that is at the beginning of the mainstream market.
  2. Normally it takes a while before this technology is introduced to us.
    Thanks to our experience in this field, we know where, when and how to make the first contacts.
  3. For you, this means an enormous saving of time and savings on internal competences.

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Think short and long term

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The effect of short-term sales promotion and long-term focus.

  • short term sales promotion
  • long term focus.

We can help you make the right choices. Both in the short term and in the long term


Two golden rules:

  • Less is more: The fewer objectives a marketing campaign has, the more effective it is. In fact, having just one or two strategic objectives works best.
  • Focus on short and long term KPIs: The focus is on achieving your marketing objective. Therefore, this should result in improving both the short and long term marketing KPIs.
  • In other words, on the one hand, they must be goals that translate directly into more profit. On the other hand, it concerns other objectives that help build your brand.

Open marketing opportunities

  • MARKET TEST: There are many opportunities for companies to take advantage of open innovation. Both for large and medium-sized companies. The presence of this new discipline has now passed the market test.
  • NICHES: Make use of our extensive knowledge and experience as brand activators in various niches. e.g. mobile brand activation
  • STRATEGY: Align your short-term sales with long-term strategic goals.
  • INDEPENDENT: Evaluation based on your criteria and not based on the objectives of brand suppliers who offer their products.
  • DIFFERENT: Help build more innovative thinking.e.g. experiential centers
Marketing innovation brand activators network

Marketing innovation services

Insight into new technologies for at least 3 years..

Market level strategy aimed at growth through market development.

A set of interactions between different dependent stakeholders around a particular policy issue and with a view to developing and realizing one or more projects.

Working in a team improves productivity on many levels.

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The main advantage of OPEN innovation is speed! You can bring better marketing innovation to market FASTER… ​

Focus on...

  • Know both your internal and external stakeholders.
  • The OPEN character is a way for companies to experiment without obligations.
  • Open innovation is more about the mindset than a toolbox.
  • Businesses need innovation that is fast, open and global.
  • People want constant positive change.